Visual Effects

Seamless cinematic visuals that propel your story

At NEXODUS, we are driven by an unwavering passion for creating visual effects that not only captivate the eye but also serve as a powerful storytelling tool. Our team of skilled artists seamlessly blend imagination and technology to bring your vision to life.

Whether you're looking to transport your audience to otherworldly realms, enhance the drama of a scene, or simply add that magical touch, we are here to transform your ideas into extraordinary visuals, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.


Meet the talented people of our visual effects team

Danielle Hudak
Production Coordinator
ShotGrid wizard, PNW adventurer, amateur wine & pasta maker, and President of the “Can I pet your dog?” fanclub.
Megan Evans
In a galaxy not so far away, she turns pixels into movie magic and old t-shirts into cozy blankets.
Ryan Smolarek
VFX Supervisor
Visual sage, cinematic sommelier, calm high-speed thrill chaser. Red wine’s true ally and Big Sur’s devoted disciple.
Kurt Lawson
Compositing Supervisor
Distinguished compositor, photographer of real landscapes, ferroequinologist, umbraphile, and Death Valley enthusiast.
Anthony Kramer
Head of VFX
VFX mastermind, minivan racer, film enthusiast, and the spokesperson for Hawaiian pizza.
Sharon Marcussen
Crafting magic with VFX and chasing adventures with her dog. Fueled by simple pleasures & a precision cup of coffee.
Robert Rossello
VFX Supervisor
Photographer, record collector, maker of seldom-heard guitar noises; amateur pizzaiolo, professional cat masseuse.
Mike Oakley
Head of CG
Storyteller, collector of power cords, salty sailor, videographer, dog lover, VFX barbarian, Mexican food seeker.
Patrick Schuler
FX Supervisor
Vivian Wei
Aerialist, paper-craft enthusiast, classically trained musician, world traveling explorer, certified night owl.
Wade Ivy
VFX Supervisor
Digital wizard with an analog soul. Lover of tiny trees, cosmic oddities & synth sorcery. Still can't do a kickflip.
Felicia Guest
Dog whisperer, pixel integrator, gamer guru, VR promoter, archer, DYI fanatic, obsessive cyclist, dystopian genre fan.
Matthew Steidl
VFX Supervisor
Goes on set with ease Adds tchotchkes, people, or trees And speaks Japanese
Aminah Gbadamosi
Production Coordinator
Chicken nugget aficionado. Hooked on tv’s Money Heist. Plotting her own heist in between updating SG statuses.
Cindy Ormondroyd
VFX Editor
Obsessive knitter, motorcycle nomad, pixel pusher, and organizational maven: This is the Droyd you’re looking for.
Donald Strubler
DevOps/Pipeline Engineer
Literal trailblazer, family camper, and dedicated cat snuggler. Racquetball squisher, YAML enthusiast by choice.
Cedric Tomacruz
Concept Artist / Matte Painter
First rate tennis fanatic, walker & trainer of Cody the dog, E-Mountain biker, and painting phenom.
Matthew Benson
FX Technical Director
Vector Nerd, punctual, frantic, caffeinated, Houdini wizard, Unreal rouge, perpetual imposter syndrome.
Matt Conway
Concept Artist / Matte Painter
Matte Painter crafting Unreal worlds, amateur golfer, Emmy nominee, and outdoor adventurer.
Arnie Mecham
Usually travels by blimp. Maybe! Gymkata is his favorite movie. Probably! Can be reached on his landline. Absolutely!
Jadan Duffin
Senior Compositor by day, hot sauce alchemist and electronic music maker by night.
Colin Drobnis
Workdays: VFX compositor. Leisure days: pursuer of anything that scares his mom when she hears about it later.
Maddie Kramer
Production Assistant
Dancer, dog mom, hospitality aficionado, Ravendor. Maker of art and climber of rocks, but not at the same time.
Aylwin Fernando
Real-time Supervisor
Give him interactive rendering with some tech, good creative and calm hikes though different worlds.
Zach Mandt
Matte Painter / CG Environment Artist
Often billed as a DMP/Environment artist, he's also a genuine outside the box thinker and dedicated problem solver.
Stephen Pavelski
CG Generalist
Rigger, troubleshooter, and dad joke enthusiast. Rumored obscure movie quote database and reluctant puppy wrangler.
Frank Fieser
Head of Compositing
Compositing nerd with an obsession for node organization and structure. Surly but lovable charismatic curmudgeon.
Martha Soehendra
Former plant killer turned plant hoarder. Collector of things tiny and cute. “Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei"
Nick Joseph
Restaurant hopping coffee addict with a green thumb and a knack for image processing.
Mihai Satmarean
Senior DevOps Architect
DevOps virtuoso by day, guitar-strumming sailor by night, navigating technology and the tides.
Joseph Bell
Head of Studio
Company builder, mountaineer, curry addict, dog handler and sheep herder extraordinaire.
Holli Alvarado
Concept Artist / Matte Painter
A Cancer on the cusp of Leo with an affinity for underwater basket weaving during full moons. Magic wand expert.
Ryan Urban
VFX Supervisor
VFX guru, dad of four, wildlife and cloud photography hobbyist. Unofficial handyman. Daydreamer in the Matrix.
Austin Brown
Compositor extraordinaire. Future Survivor winner. Casual spy. Pressure cooker specialist. Python pro.
Darrell Claunch
Reluctant werewolf in a tie and cardigan. VFX artist/groupie and perpetual Goonie. Like rocket launch with a C.