Unlocking wealth and empowerment through worker-ownership

NEXODUS stands proudly as a beacon of empowerment, redefining the traditional corporate model. We are organized as a dynamic worker cooperative, where the driving force behind our success is the collective ownership, governance, and shared prosperity of our worker-owner members.

At NEXODUS, the power is in the hands of those who create, innovate, and drive our vision forward.

All members have a direct stake in our journey and an equal say in decision-making, following the principle of ‘one worker, one vote.’ 

It's a vibrant democracy where every voice matters.

Driven by our mission, guided by our principals, and governed by our bylaws. We're not just a company; we're a community where collaboration thrives, innovation blooms, and wealth creation is a shared pursuit.


Perks and benefits steered by our members

As a self-directed enterprise, we offer some of the best benefits in the industry with a focus on enhancing the well-being and security of our team.

Work from home

As a remote-first company, everyone works from the comfort of their home through our secure cloud workstation.

Health and wellness

U.S. based workers and their families have access to comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Paid time-off

All workers receive paid sick leave from day one. Members accrue vacation time and receive holiday pay.

Work-Life balance

We prioritize our worker's personal lives alongside project success. We plan for time off you want, not vice versa.

Retirement planning

U.S. based workers can easily plan for retirement with pre-tax dollars through the NEXODUS 401(k)

Worker ownership

Every worker has the opportunity to become an owner and participate in the company's success and governance.

Worker Cooperative FAQs

Explore the worker cooperative model

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about worker cooperatives and NEXODUS. From how worker cooperatives function to specific insights into our unique approach, here you'll find answers that introduce this empowering and equitable business structure.

Discover how we, as a worker cooperative, are trying to redefine the visual effects industry while championing democratic ownership and sustainability. Whether you're curious about the broader cooperative movement or considering joining our cooperative, we hope these FAQs are your gateway to understanding the transformative potential of worker cooperatives.

What is a worker cooperative, and how does it differ from traditional businesses?

A worker cooperative is a business model where employees are also the owners and decision-makers. Each worker typically has an equal say in the company's decisions, irrespective of their ownership stake or seniority. In contrast, traditional businesses are often owned by external investors or shareholders, resulting in hierarchical decision-making structures that prioritize profit maximization.

What is the mission of NEXODUS as a worker cooperative?

NEXODUS' mission is centered on creating a sustainable and equitable workplace for its members while empowering them through democratic ownership. We prioritize the well-being and interests of our worker-owners, fostering a more equitable and participatory business model.

By offering enhanced benefits and a democratic decision-making process, we aim to balance financial success with the needs of our workforce, setting new standards for the visual effects industry and the broader cooperative movement.

How do worker cooperatives distribute profits, and what is unique about the NEXODUS profit-sharing model?

Profits in a worker cooperative are typically distributed among the worker-owners based on factors such as hours worked or salaries earned, rather than according to the number of shares owned.

At NEXODUS, we prioritize worker-directed benefits that enhance well-being and security of our workers. Remaining profits are distributed equitably as patronage dividends, which are calculated based on labor hours by the workers in a given year.

What is a patronage dividend?

Patronage dividends are distributions of profit from the cooperative to its members. The amount distributed is a portion of the profit the business made in a given year and is determined by the board based on the financial status of the cooperative. The dividend each member receives is equitable and proportional to the amount of labor they contributed to the cooperative.

What are the eligibility criteria for becoming a member of a worker cooperative, and does NEXODUS have specific membership requirements?

Generally, worker cooperatives may require prospective members to complete a certain amount of work.

At NEXODUS, we ask individuals to complete 1040 hours of work (equivalent to 6 months full-time) for the cooperative as an employee or foreign contractor. Additionally, there is a membership fee of $3000, which becomes the start of the worker's capital account in the cooperative. This investment helps build the cooperative's capital base.

How does NEXODUS address the challenges of the gig economy in the visual effects industry?

Visual effects artists and production staff often operate in a gig economy, where workers move from project to project and company to company, making it challenging to secure consistent work, benefits, and a stable work history.

NEXODUS addresses this by striving to provide steady work opportunities for its members at our studio. However, if consistent work cannot be guaranteed, worker-owners can utilize NEXODUS as a pass-through entity to work as contractors outside the cooperative. This allows them to maintain their benefits and continue to receive pay through NEXODUS, providing stability in an otherwise uncertain industry.

How does the decision-making process work within NEXODUS?

The worker-owner members of NEXODUS annually elect a board of directors to represent their interests. The board hires the management team and makes the decisions about what to do with the cooperative's profits. Additionally, all members participate in quarterly votes to admit new members into the cooperative.

There are also committees on which members can serve to help the board make decisions and help the cooperative reach its goals.

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