Virtual Art Department

Crafting dreams on a limitless canvas

NEXODUS introduces a transformative approach that redefines the integration of Production Design and VFX. With real-time tools, specialized artists, and seamless collaboration, the VAD (Virtual Art Department) offers greater creative freedom and more efficient workflows.

Our streamlined post-concept pipeline creates VFX-ready assets for virtual production stages or visual effects teams, saving time and optimizing resources.


Meet the talented people in our virtual art department

Zach Mandt
Matte Painter / CG Environment Artist
Often billed as a DMP/Environment artist, he's also a genuine outside the box thinker and dedicated problem solver.
Sharon Marcussen
Crafting magic with VFX and chasing adventures with her dog. Fueled by simple pleasures & a precision cup of coffee.
Mike Oakley
Head of CG
Storyteller, collector of power cords, salty sailor, videographer, dog lover, VFX barbarian, Mexican food seeker.
Aminah Gbadamosi
Production Coordinator
Chicken nugget aficionado. Hooked on tv’s Money Heist. Plotting her own heist in between updating SG statuses.
Holli Alvarado
Concept Artist / Matte Painter
A Cancer on the cusp of Leo with an affinity for underwater basket weaving during full moons. Magic wand expert.
Matt Conway
Concept Artist / Matte Painter
Matte Painter crafting Unreal worlds, amateur golfer, Emmy nominee, and outdoor adventurer.
Donald Strubler
DevOps/Pipeline Engineer
Literal trailblazer, family camper, and dedicated cat snuggler. Racquetball squisher, YAML enthusiast by choice.
Aylwin Fernando
Real-time Supervisor
Give him interactive rendering with some tech, good creative and calm hikes though different worlds.
Ryan Urban
VFX Supervisor
VFX guru, dad of four, wildlife and cloud photography hobbyist. Unofficial handyman. Daydreamer in the Matrix.
Danielle Hudak
Production Coordinator
ShotGrid wizard, PNW adventurer, amateur wine & pasta maker, and President of the “Can I pet your dog?” fanclub.
Cedric Tomacruz
Concept Artist / Matte Painter
First rate tennis fanatic, walker & trainer of Cody the dog, E-Mountain biker, and painting phenom.
Joseph Bell
Head of Studio
Company builder, mountaineer, curry addict, dog handler and sheep herder extraordinaire.
Maddie Kramer
Production Assistant
Dancer, dog mom, hospitality aficionado, Ravendor. Maker of art and climber of rocks, but not at the same time.