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Claudia Dehmel
VFX Producer on The Woman King
VFX Producer
The movie looks beautiful and everyone is happy! We cannot thank NEXODUS enough for helping us with the enormous amount of shots that came our way over the last few months, and the madness of the last week that had us add another shot just hours before delivery. What an incredible achievement, we could not have done this without our NEXODUS team.
David Entin
VFX Producer on Breathe
VFX Producer
NEXODUS bridged a pivotal gap between a full scale vendor and dedicated in-house team. Their flexibility and skill allowed us to constantly hit the shifting demands of a project with a too-tight budget and equally too-wide scope. Moreover, NEXODUS’ ability to spin-up 3D capabilities when 2D efforts failed meant our producers stayed happy and overages were averted. Thank you, team NEXODUS -- can’t wait to work with you again.
Brit McAdams
Writer/Director on Paint
I loved working with everyone at NEXODUS. They were all incredibly talented and practical and excellent communicators. They consistently over delivered while never overpromising. Deadlines were always met and better ideas on how to do stuff were always presented. Just don’t have enough good things to say about the entire team.
Corwin Carroll
Managing Director at ArtClass Content on
Managing Director at ArtClass Content
We really appreciated all the hustle from NEXODUS. They turned around a lot of VFX in a short time, and our client was really happy with the results.
Michael B. Chait
I’m honestly still amazed at how awesome, big and movie-quality the Ghost Girl shots are every time I watch the music video! I was asking for “Predator” and “The Abyss” on a tiny fraction of the budget, time and tools, and what Ryan and the NEXODUS Team delivered is astonishing!