What makes us tick

NEXODUS takes immense pride in being a worker-owned cooperative rooted in prosperity for our workforce.

Our objective is straightforward: Establish a sustainable and socially equitable workplace for artists to create in an environment that fosters empowerment through democratic ownership.

This collective ownership resides with our members who actively engage in the company’s management while sharing in its financial success. We stand as a business guided by strong principles that place artists and their interests at the heart of our mission.

Every member participates on equal footing in the decision-making process, a principle of one worker, one vote. Our values serve as a moral compass for all, with governance held by all.

Our Clients

Proudly serving top global studios and industry-leading brands

Entrusted by industry giants who demand nothing less than the extraordinary. Together with our clients at these esteemed studios, we endeavor to redefine visual storytelling. 

Cooperative Leadership

Our member-elected board of directors

Anthony Kramer
Head of VFX
VFX mastermind, minivan racer, film enthusiast, and the spokesperson for Hawaiian pizza.
Cindy Ormondroyd
VFX Editor
Obsessive knitter, motorcycle nomad, pixel pusher, and organizational maven: This is the Droyd you’re looking for.
Frank Fieser
Head of Compositing
Compositing nerd with an obsession for node organization and structure. Surly but lovable charismatic curmudgeon.
Mike Oakley
Head of CG
Storyteller, collector of power cords, salty sailor, videographer, dog lover, VFX barbarian, Mexican food seeker.
Robert Rossello
VFX Supervisor
Photographer, record collector, maker of seldom-heard guitar noises; amateur pizzaiolo, professional cat masseuse.
Zach Mandt
Matte Painter / CG Environment Artist
Often billed as a DMP/Environment artist, he's also a genuine outside the box thinker and dedicated problem solver.