Patrick Schuler

FX Supervisor
Vancouver, British Columbia
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  • FX Supervisor
  • Senior Houdini FX TD
Available April 1, 2024


Patrick is an expert Houdini artist and pipeline TD with 10+ years of experience in the VFX and Games industry. As FX Supervisor, pipeline engineer and Houdini instructor, he has acquired credits on movies such as Star Trek, Fast and the Furious, Terminator and many more. He held key roles in building VFX companies and developing/teaching curriculum for one of the best Visual Effects schools in the world.

In the current convergence of pre-rendered VFX and realtime graphics, Patrick brings his experience in procedural setup development and data wrangling to teams in the application and game development sector: Defining workflows surrounding Houdini<>Unreal, prototyping systems and facilitating large scale data synthesis for machine learning scenarios.


FX Demo Reel

ARK: Survival Ascended | Dynamic Foliage

Demonstration of GPU-based Foliage Solver for Studio Wildcard's "Ark: Survival Ascended"